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Our Mission

Naturally you can Sing Productions is dedicated to supporting parents and educators in bringing music and song to their young charges. We are fully committed to helping children unlock their individual sounds, to learn to blend their voices with others and feel the nurturing effects of song and music on their small frames, minds, hearts and souls. We believe that if children start singing whilst young, they will sing forever.

About Us

Naturally you can Sing Productions is owned by Sven and Christina Schünemann. We remain dedicated to nurturing this business by continuing to keep the songbooks current and available and are working to expand the collection with more song books and items that support music development for children. 

Christina attended  Waldorf schools from pre-K through 12th grade and comes from a family of dedicated Waldorf educators. She is an accomplished musician, having started violin at age 7 and now plays viola at an advanced level. 

Sven plays the most important role of all: that of the music enthusiast and audience member. He supports Christina, Aurora (cellist, pianist and vocalist), and Allegra (pianist and vocalist) in their various undertakings, cheers loudly and brings flowers - always. 

Mary Thienes Schünemann  - Creator of  these wonderful songbooks and CDs was a committed musician, teacher, mother, and homemaker. As a singer, composer, and music educator, Mary used her love for teaching as a way to bring song and sound into people's lives. She was the musical instructor for Lifeways North America, the president of the Rafael Foundation of New Impulses in Music and the co-director with Shea Darian of the women's vocal ensemble, Avalon A Cappella. Mary's musical mission lead her to found Naturally you can Sing Productions, designed for people who have a desire to connect or re-connect to the joy of singing and bring this  joy into the lives of their children and young charges. Mary passed  away in 2007 after a long battle with cancer. She was 47. 


Lura Schwarz-Smith - A graduate of San Francisco State University, Lura has done illustration work for various publications for many years. In addition, her main work is producing art quilts, which have received major awards at national and international quilt shows. Her work may be  seen at www.lura-art.com.  

Meg  Chittenden - Meg's love of experiencing music and art with children led her to become a Waldorf teacher. Following the birth of her second child, Meg shifted to teaching music at The Bay School, and  Lifeways NorthAmerica.  She lives in Blue Hill, ME, with her husband Ian, and two children. More of her work can be found at www.singwaldorf.org. 


"What a delicious way to bond with your child and increase brain power all at the same time!" 

- Jane M. Healy, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist and author of "Failure to Connect: How Computers Affect our Children's Minds."

"Mary's  championship of the power in the singing voice will live on. Singing together affirms my belief that unless we all begin to sing together, from within each of our faiths, and from the life-affirming depths of  who we really are, we will not be on this planet in one hunded years." 

- Pete Seeger, Folk Singer and Peace Activist

"The  importance of children hearing the voices of their loved ones in song and verse cannot be overstated. There is just so much fun in these books, you will want to learn all of the songs."  

- Marianne Alsop, Lifeways North America board member, California Coast Lifeways Teacher Training

Our Retail Partners

Note: If you are a business that sells our books and would like to be added to this list, please write to us on sing@naturallyyoucansing.com and we will happily put your name down.


Exciting news, friends! Aurora has uploaded several Naturally You Can Sing cd's to CD Baby and they are now available for purchase and digital download! Additional books will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon music very soon! 

Have  you seen our newest songbook, Pentatonic Delight? This lovely book is a collection of songs in the pentatonic scale, with a forward by Cynthia  Aldinger, Founder of LifeWays North America. Published in 2016.

We will be stocking Meg Chittenden's, "At Home in Harmony", community songbook book in the new few weeks. We are SOO excited! More soon.

Meg Chittenden's book "At Home in Harmony" is now available for purchase!